George F. is a writer of creative non-fiction, who travelled extensively across Europe and Asia

working with socially excluded groups ranging from the homeless to heroin addicts and street kids.


Direct action and self housing master, George is one of the most literate fuck the privilege practitioners. Them fuck the life genderless and ownless.

Since F. stands for fuck off, we are happy they didn’t fuck off our filming.

It was the end of 2018 in Badu village near Kolkata, where Jana Sanskriti’s Muktadhara festival begins every second year.

A theatre of the oppressed organisation, working with and among people in the villages for 30 years, created a center there,

where all the members are sharing a co-living and co-working community. In the festival time, this is where more than 70 people are exchanging daily,

many coming from the western parts of the world and many from different regions of India or around.

Packed schedule of workshops of theatre of the oppressed and presentations weren’t giving much time or space for taking the interviews.

Yet we publicly asked participants to join our film mission and share their pain of the world, if feeling called.

Since the center was full of life, we thought a near ambient of nature will work the best for sharing and filming.

Next to the center there is a lake with a grassy shelter, calling to sit there. When we were walking by, there was no one around, it was peaceful and quiet.


All the rest is captured to witness in the episode, to share George’s experienced wisdom and

spontaneous multicultural exchange without words spoken.


You can dig deeper in the European underground in George’s non-fiction,

Total Shambles (2015) and Good Times In Dystopia (2019).

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