Tweni Tweni is Alexis Akrovatakis and is Ben Smith.

When you get choreography, dramaturgy, costumography, live music and performance in one shot.

Both from the worlds of underground, blending them in an explosion that perhaps even annoys you with no limits,

contradictions and bizarreness.

Because inside the borders it doesn’t provoke, doesn’t rise questions and doesn’t push to question,

how much your ideologies are including or excluding. What is a performance and what is real?

What is a mask and what is pure vulnerability, a medium for humanity’s limitations, either physical, mental or emotional?

Where does physical theatre transform into dance and where does the circus start,

where the performance transcends into meditation, pure presence.

A messenger, who nevertheless also cannot escape the planet’s concepts but has the courage to fight against the limiting

one’s with every breath and presence. Despite becoming the limitation itself, as a mirror of the world.


Filmed at Kometa Festival 2017 in Riga.

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