Rahul, who grew up in an underprivileged environment in New Delhi with a population of 29 million,

leaves his extended family and the neighbourhood for the first time in his life for 5 months and flies to Ljubljana,

a city of  less than 300 thousand people, between Eastern and Central Europe.

Seeing and sharing a glimpse of western society, which is idealised in his environment

and having the time for reflecting about life for the first time, 20-year old young man

shares his fresh understanding of the world before he returns back to India.


A short documentary was filmed within the GLEN (Global Education Network of Young Europeans) 1-year internship.

The film won “Best Student Documentary” at the New Delhi International Short Film Festival 2018.


The film was also screened:

Inshort Film Festival 2020, Lagos, Nigeria

Ethnografilm Festival 2019, Paris, France

8th Pune Short film festival 2018, India

5th Goa Short Film Festival 2018, India

2018 International Black Film Festival, Nashville USA

Student International Film Festival (STIFF), Rijeka, Croatia

University of Television and Film Munich – HFF Screenings 2018

6. International Ethnografic Film Festival 2018, Marburg, Germany, European premiere

Bucharest Film Awards 2018, Romania

MedFF 2018, Sicily, Italy

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