FUCK THE PRIVILEGE OF IGNORANCE is a multimedia platform, blending journalism and storytelling, documentary and film, essay and portrait, words and visuals. A shelter for regenerative art and social practice, looking for inspiration in personal and collective commitments, given-up comfort zones and privileges for living authentic and human(e) life.




It is a never ending journey against any kind of dominance.

It is a place where we share and protect vulnerability.

It is also a place of active listening, devotion and commitment. No short cuts. All in.

It is a place of confronting the reality and being vocal about it.

A commitment to high ethics towards the living beings, the stories, the backgrounds, the experiences. Everyone's dignity is number one guidance we follow, with deep respect towards each person who puts the mask off and shares a glimpse of their soul.

 A commitment to explore diversity in other's expressions and world experiences with openness, humbleness and acknowledgment of existence.

A space of including not excluding. A movement for an uncolonized planet. A place of sharing knowledge.

A collective authorship of swarm intelligence that give learnt perceptions more perspectives.

A commitment to guerilla simplicity, giving a space for intuition, following the noses and synchronicity to happen.

Form follows the content, while seeking for poetry in realism.

Advocating for not being silent, privileged passive observers in belief we all have so much to contribute with social action and collective support.

This is a space of no advertising, friendly promotions or SEO tricks.

Nothing and no one is absolute, except the Earth, the Sky, an open heart and an open mind.