Show Me the Pain of the World

For decades the elephant in the room, today depression is the most wide spread illness. There are many researches available by now, but far from being able to tell the precise number of people, struggling to connect, feel, share, create, participate, contribute or collaborate. A documentary essay visits 10 countries with high rates for depression, suicide and substance use disorder from global North and South, through 5 years period, looking for socio-economic causes and new ways to change it.

Two Last Weeks

Seeing and sharing a glimpse of western society, which is idealized in his environment and having the time for reflecting about life for the first time, Rahul shares his fresh understanding of the world before he returns back to India.

Bee connected

Where can people in the cities find a community space, where they can self-organize and create together, according to their needs and ideas? Where can people in the cities have their hands in the soil, and children experience how the basic food is grown?