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What is the pain that we are sharing regardless of skin color, social class, gender, age or geography?

A documentary essay visits 10 countries with high rates for depression, anxiety, suicide and addiction, from global North and South, through 5 years period, looking behind socioeconomic causes of our pain and the new understandings of it.

Multi Media Advocacy

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“Just Occupy"

Ayo Wallace is an inspirational British woman with Jamaican and Nigerian roots (and many more), who works on themes such as identity, culture, social inclusion and human rights through song, poetry and narrative, to express the challenges as well as alternative views on why we keep certain issues like race, gender and colonialism hidden.

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Watch Two Last Weeks

Rahul, who grew up in an underprivileged environment in New Delhi with a population of 29 million, leaves his extended family and the neighborhood for the first time in his life for 5 months and flies to Ljubljana, a city of less than 300 thousand people, between Eastern and Central Europe.

George F.
“The world needs to heal, we need to heal”

George F. is a writer of creative non-fiction, who travelled extensively across Europe and Asia working with socially excluded groups ranging from the homeless to heroin addicts and street kids. Direct action and self housing master, George is one of the most literate fuck the privilege practitioners.

Tuhi Dutta
“As I grew up I’ve actually seen the evolution of women”

When Tuhi was a child, women in India were staying home, taking care of the family. Today Tuhi is grown up and one of the first female tattoo artists in her country.

“It is taking the vulnerability and exposing it to people”

Tweni Tweni is Alexis Akrovatakis and is Ben Smith. When you get choreography, dramaturgy, costumography, live music and performance in one shot.

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It is a never ending journey against any kind of dominance.



Tjaša Kosar

Freelance Advocacy Journalism, NGO Communications, Theater for Social Change. Social issues keep her awake. Injustices break her spirit, but she tirelessly believe in liberated WE.


Marc Steck

Editor, Director, Videographer. With a crave for the edges and imperfections. Community dreamer and Media Nomad who loves to see people shine.
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