»If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together«

is a quote by Lilla Watson, found on a Sinchi Tribe project flyer, that couldn’t describe better the FUCK THE PRIVILEGE purpose. Looking for inspiration in personal and collective commitments, given-up comfort zones and privileges for living authentic and human(e) life, the platform you are looking at is aiming to become a channel for all the brave individuals and group resistances for liberation that bounds us together. It is also meant as a megaphone for voices we don’t hear in our environments, stepping on the edges of society.

It is a commitment to rise by lifting others.

A commitment to simplicity where the most organic soul parts show up.

It is a rebellious journey against any kind of dominance.

It is a guerilla-style life, giving the voice also to intuition and the noses to follow.

It is a collective authorship of messages that give learnt perceptions other perspectives.

Space for the things you don’t find in religious books, laws or human rights declarations. At least not in action. Most probably also not in Hollywood movies.

It is a place where we share vulnerability and stories of traumas, rising above them by giving support to others.

It is also a place of active listening and devotion. No short cuts. All in.

It is a place of facing the reality and being vocal about it but exploring curiosity, playfulness and freedom in rigidness that surrounds us.


A commitment to high ethics towards the living beings, the topics, the backgrounds, the stories. Everyone’s dignity is number one concept we follow, with deep respect towards each person who puts the mask off and share a glimpse of their soul for this community.

While our identities are all brought up in concepts and politicized, it is therefore utopian to imagine not to get caught in another concept while running away from the previous one. Just like our beloved Lanthimos showed in THE LOBSTER. But what we can do is explore diversity in other’s expressions and feel the glimpses of other’s world experience with openness, acceptance and Socrates paradox philosophy of knowing not knowing nothing.

This virtual space can be something more than just two persons life project. It wishes to be a community of including not excluding. A movement for an uncolonized planet. A planet of sharing knowledge and skills, joining »the forces« together and help to shape a different reality for all of us.

By not being silent, privileged passive observer but believing we all have so much to contribute, with support of each other.

This is a space of no bullshit, no advertising, no selling and banners, no SEO tricks or attention prostituting.

Form follows the content. Whether it is exploring reality through written or spoken word, with other senses through static or moving picture. All the rules should be broken except chosen simplicity in the process and seeking poetry in realism…

…and so called swarm intelligence. There is no other way than your devotion, your emotional and intellectual labor – a respectful time. Bonding firstly. Having a connection. We are human beings, for Godesses’ sake!

Last but never least … nothing and none is absolute, except the Nature.